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Our Story

Who are we?

Concrete Reality is a Scottish company that was started in 2020 with the aim of creating high quality products that either solve problems or improve on existing solutions. Check us out on Facebook: ConcreteRealityUK

Our first product is the Hypnos desk mat. We designed it in-house to make long desk sessions more comfortable, with its padded supports and convenient layout.

Throughout the course of our prototyping, we have gathered user feedback at every step of the way. More than 50 people have tested the Hypnos desk mat, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive - many of our testers threatened to not give the test mats back! Our testers ranged from office workers to people working from home to gamers to parents to drone repairers - a real variety!

Here are some pictures of Hypnos in the setups of some of our testers: 

Tester feedback

Below is a word cloud featuring the most frequent words in the 'what did you like most' question from our tester feedback survey. As you can see, it went down well!